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Catch Up AI

Catch Up AI  project (CATCHUPA Coin) is a new concept  that merges AI technology with meme culture.

Combining the charm of cat memes with the sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI), it  aims to democratize knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI),  blockchain, and cryptocurrencies, making them accessible to all.

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The new Catch Up Ai Contract Address is:


See the token contract address in solscan here

Tokens locked:

The liquidity pool is locked.

Other tokens locked:




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Catch Up Ai NFT are ready!

Discover the "Catch Up Ai NFT starter collection": a groundbreaking NFT collection blending meme coin culture with cutting-edge artificial intelligence.


Coming soon!

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The idea behind the CATCH-UP-AI project

Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and cryptocurrency is the future.


And yet, despite the popularity of projects like Bitcoin or ChatGPT, most people have no idea of what AI and blockchain are all about.

Would you like to CATCH-UP?


The idea of helping people catch up on AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency in a fun, unexpected and engaging way is at the base of the CATCH-UP-AI project.

But how could we make the understanding and use of such complex tools fun and engaging for common people? That’s where being a Dan Brown’s fan has turned up useful for once!​


What does The Da Vinci Code have to do with an AI-crypto project? The Da Vinci Code is all about solving anagrams. One of the creators being a fan of the book and  didn’t miss that CATCH-UP has an assonance with CAT UP, Ketchup, Catchup a Coin, and even with Catchupa (which is a typical dish in Capo Verde). And, as it often happens, big, good ideas come from the association and combination of small, decent ones.

This is how a project called CATCH-UP-AI, aimed at making knowledge about AI, blockchain, crypto accessible to non-professional people has become... a meme coin called CATCH-UP-AI (symbol CATCHUPA) where cats, sauces, AI, the catch up a coin notion and exotic dishes are associated with a complex state-of-the-art technology. 

CATCH-UP-AI (Catchupa Coin) is a meme coin project with an intrinsic value: to make future technology accessible for everyone.

So, everyone... let's CATCH-UP, AI!

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Total Supply


1 000 000 000 Catch Up Ai tokens

Contract Address



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Fundo Linear Abstrato


Phase 1


- Creation of the Catch Up AI concept
- Launching of the Catch Up AI token (symbol Catchupa)
- Dissemination of the concept and creation of critical mass/community/holders

Phase 2


- Creation and sale of merchandising

Phase 3


- Creation of utilities/applications related to artificial intelligence, particularly in the areas of health and well-being, mental health, aesthetics and anti-aging.

Phase 4


- Creating a research team in AI and Medicine

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​Copyright Catchupa Coin from Catch Up AI Project, March  2024

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